Thursday, 27 August 2015

Term 3 week 6 Blog recount

Last week, Room 28/29 started a project about the New Zealand flag.

The project have 6 challenges: Challenge 1 is to find out a list of flags, Challenge 2 is to find out in the world map where the challenge 1 country is, Challenge 3 is to read a article and then complete a quiz, Challenge 4 is to read a article and then complete a mind map, Challenge 5 is to complete a PMI about why we should change or not and something interesting and Challenge 6 is to design a flag for our school.

Overall I was enjoying this project. I am looking forward to do more project.

My Haiku Poem

My Reflection 
I was learning to write a Haiku poem. I find it tricky because it is tricky o find the syllables. My next step is to write more Haiku Poems to pratice.