Wednesday, 16 November 2016


My Refection

if you didn't know what this is well,  ill tell you hat it is .. an biospheres, a biosphere is an mini earth that made out steel and metal that people can live in also living up in space . why do we need a biospheres because when the earth dies the people can go and live in biospheres , we started doing this for our inquiry showcase were the hole class start making  their  inquiry then show it in the auditorium. 

Treasure Chest

Thursday, 22 September 2016

St John

My reflection

In elm park St john had came here to tell elm park student's how to provide first aid in an emergency!.
Room 20 first went to assembly and a man who wore green pants along with an green shirt was telling us the first thing to do in an emergency


My Reflection

We had been learning to play sports with youth town , a few weeks ago room 20 learned to play hockey.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Letter to camp Merc Helper's

Auckland landscape painting

My reflection

We have been learning to paint using different techniques describe. We started this when Mrs England showed all of 20 room student what she had done at home, she liked to show room 20 to make the art she had done first, on Tuesday a few student did the sunset with yellow, orange and red paint, yellow goes's first, the orange goes on the midden and red goes last. Next we bland the colors together to make a nice colored sunset. Few week later once the paint had dry it time to paint the blue water, we first get sponge and blue paint next put some blue paint in the sponge and just dab the blue and white too make the sea. after that it time to make a we made the city with black paper and ware done.