Thursday, 26 February 2015

African praise poem

My Reflection

I have been learning to write an
African praise poem. I was surprised
that African praise poem was easy.
I found this work easy because I thought
of animal quickly and descibed my family. My next
step is to keep practising writing

Chinese new Year and New Zealand Year Venn diagram

My Reflection 
I.A.l.T find similarities and differences in a test.
We have been reading about Chinese new Year.
We used a Venn diagram to compare Chinese and
new Zealand new Year.
I found this tricky because I don't know Chinese.
My next step is to keep learning more Chinese.

Term 1 Week 4

I played youth town sport it was called capture the flag I was in the non bibs. It was a really cool game. My friend was in non bibs too. I capture the flag then I run to the line I feel so happy. I really injoy help people win they are in the mud.

Friday, 13 February 2015

My 2015 Welcome Post

Welcome to my Year 5 learning blog.  This year I am in Room 28/29 and my teachers are Mrs Graham and Mrs Melville.  I enjoy writing.  This year I am looking forward to the sleepover. I hope you will enjoy my blog and leave lots of feedback.